Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Differences (Small post)

So today we made a pinterest for this blog. Here is the link-
Feel free to send us pins. If you comment, 'follow me!', we will :)
We didn't see each other today, but we have been emailing back and forth haha. Soon we will post videos so you can get to know us better! Here are some meme thingys we have made...

2014 march 188
I (Hope) made this because on Pinterest I kept seeing these
things saying, 'My BFF is perfect. That's why I love her'.
I thought, that's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.
So yeah.

I think we can all relate
This is a poem I wrote some time ago. Its about how we make our differences work.

This is something Hannah pinned because she thought it was just like us

Here is the poem if you cannot read it from the picture.
The Balance Of Friendship

When I cannot help but laugh, you are my reason

I am ever-changing, you are a steady season
When my tears come rolling down, you catch them in your hand
You listen to my pointless rants, when you do not understand

When you seclude into yourself, I push you towards the life
One of us will keep the peace, while another brings the strife
When your frustration becomes too much, I quickly cool you down
I bring you to a smile, when you only wish to frown

The world is a scale, an oh-so-gentle balance
While I provide the craze, you forever hold the sense
With both of our extremes, the world keeps going ‘round
As best friends our duty is, keep each other safe and sound
-Hope M. Mielke