Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hey, this is a cool guy taking over her blog post. AKA her boyfriend. Right now we are having an AWESOME AMAZING time on Galveston Island. We ran on the beach, slipped on rocks, picked up litter, and got annoyed by little kids. After all, we're super likable. Now that the fantastic day is coming to a close, we will eat some delicious authentic Galvestonian dinner, then later we'll probably sit and watch the stars (weather permitting of course).

He hacked us. I am totally posting this along with a picture.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Candid Photography and Updates

Hello Beautiful People!
So, we havent posted in what...forever?
Do you forgive us? Too bad.
Okay. So obviously Hannah and I have hung out multiple times since we last blogged. I'll keep this post short 'n sweet. Lots of pictures and some sassy comments.

We would ike to thank you all for 11,535 views!
So we look like we partied hard.
(In actuality we came from Hannah's 4 year old sister's gymnastics birthday...)
What happens when we try to be serious. (also, Hannah looks EXQUISITE)
We be trollin
Rocking out to indie bands with air guitars is pretty much our life.
 No idea whats happening in this picture...
We walked around town and ended up scaring an elderly woman.
Because her sister loves Ariel, and I don't have time to take out the devil eyes.
Because the umbrella felt like photobombing.
Its still cool to go to the park!-----Right?
To prove that even the most attractive beings can take bad pictures.

I'm pretty sure this is considered badassing. 
We went up to these people playing basketball and freaked them out.
When the finally left I showed Hannah up shooting hoops to get 
her back for beating me at tennis.
Wait... That's a fridge; Whoops
This photo sucked, so I had some fun with editing.
Why aren't we professional models?
A pillow fight happened.
Our version of doing pot............... (I'm eating a pepper and Hannah is holding pot)
Hannah being done taking photos.
Me being done writing this blog post.

All in all. Life has been decently amazing. Sophomore year is almost over! So thats psyching us out. We've done some adventurous things; Puddle jumping in the rain, ziplining in the backyard, ziplining in the rain, made videos (some of which will be posted), art museum-ing, art class, learning instruments (guitar- me. piano-Hannah), meeting people, pushing our weird level, tried racket ball (we both sucked and I accidentally called it rachet ball), we found a really good taco place and we don't even like Mexican food, watched scary R movies and didn't cry, played truth or dare to the point of emberrasment, etc. etc.
(ps. my hair has been dyed multiple times, in case you were confused)
Thank you Loves.
- H&H

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Besties Polaroid|Pimples&Freckles Blog
I bet you didn't know human beings could even achieve this level of hotness. 

So, Hannah and I now take an art class together every other Saturday. The teacher was our Jr. high art instructor, from when we went to the same school. She's the one who got us started in art. (Well, Hannah had done some art before, but Ms. Green (the teacher) drastically improved Hannah's already good talents. Its really enjoyable and gives us another excuse to hang out.

So Hannah came over to my house a couple weeks ago and spent the night. We decided to go for a run. I said, "lets do interval running, its better for us!" Hannah said, "Oh yeah, I always do interval runnning!"
I thought interval running was sprint-jog-sprint-jog
She thought interval running was jog-walk-jog-walk
So, that didn't work quite as planned. She ended up behind me yelling "Hope! Wait! Walk. Cool down, Hope! We need to cool down!"
Not that Hannah isn't in shape. She's got feakin' washboard abs and muscle arms! She does tumbling once a week and used to take gymnastics a lot. I have really strong legs because I danced for 7 years. (I still dance frequently, just not everyday like I used too) So our bodies are just strong in different areas.
Work Out|Pimples&Freckles Blog
This is us judging you!
SO!!! Now for news on our lives, since we haven't written enough in our blog.
Party|Pimples&Freckles Blog
As you can see, I dyed my hair again. Hannah keeps getting prettier! Like what?! We are both dying from Sophomore year workload, with exams coming up and all. Homecoming is Saturday for both of us, even though we are at different schools now. I've got a date (actually, I got asked officially twice, but two other guys said they wanted to take me...), but Hannah decided to be lame person and NOT EVEN FREAKING GO! She says its a waste of time, and she could study instead. Blarrggg... the absolute lameness of it... I will never forgive her.
Anyways, I bought an absolutely majestic dress! Also, its been hard for us to hang out, because... (Drum Roll Please) WE ACTUALLY HAVE SOCIAL LIVES! Yeah, so that happened. If anybody reading this is a middle schooler, let us tell you, ; it gets better. If you're a freshman; it gets worse school-wise and better socially. So um some news. Hannah (due to the fact that she's a kindred and darling soul, and the fact that she gets prettier every day) has a TON of admirers! So... boys better watch out.
Anyway, I'll post the homecoming pictures (mine of this year's and Hannah's of last years)

Homecoming|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Hannah is the mustache lady there

You guys wanna know what Hannah was doing while I was at homecoming? She was driving! In her aunt's car.
Like, WHAT?
I feel like just yesterday, we were 11 years old, contemplating the ghastly and erroneous ways of Jr. High.
Ooh! Guess who has a date to prom? Yep, me. A little early on haha, but yeah.

So I did have a very cute date, but I'm not
 sure if he'd want a picture posted, so yep.

So Hannah and I can hardly hang out because we're popular now! (just kidding...) but we do have friends outside of each other. Which is both fantastic and suckish at the same time.
School|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Hannah with some chicks I don't know
Football game|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Me with some peeps Hannah doesn't know
Photo Shop|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Check out our photo-shopped exquisiteness!

PS. So my mother and I were having this conversation about Hannah's hair... I would just like to point out that she has lush model hair! Its not fair man! 
PPS. I learned how to type! (before I just clicked the letters with my pointer finger)
PPPS.We are considering making a Youtube channel. Yes or No?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continuation)

So, this is a continuation of a post we did a while ago ~10 fun things to do at a sleepover~ 
Here's the link!

#1 Try A "Hallway Stack"
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
This was interesting. We had to try this like 20 times before
we finally got it.

*Supplies* -2 or more people
- A hallway/Doorframe
-Timed Camera

*Instructions* Sit atop one another opposite ways; supported by the bottom persons shins. Then smile for the picture! (Strongest person goes on bottom... or fattest. We were all the same weight so it didn't matter) Its kinda like jenga!

*Why its fun* Its a...challenge. WAYYY harder than it looks. Its really a fun accomplishment though. Trust me, once the camera "clicks" you'll all topple off with groans of, "Dude you weigh as much as an elephant eating a fridge and holding an 18-wheeler!" or simply, "Wow... you guys are fat"
#2 Have A Dance Contest

*Supplies* -2 or more people'
-Wii game Just Dance OR just something that plays music
-Video Camera

*Instructions* You dance and video tape it. If you have enough people you can do Judges and have like a 1st or 2nd place etc.

*Why its fun* You get to work out, dance, giggle, and then watch your sick moves on tape! Its really fun. PS. The crazier the song, the more fun it is.

#3 Do The 'ASL Ice Bucket Challenge'       

10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Cold! Cold! Cold!

*Supplies* -Bucket/Bowl
 -Video Camera      

*Instructions* Start video taping. Say who nominated you. Explain that its the ALS ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for paralyzed people. Dump ice water on yourself. Nominate 3 or more people.

*Why its fun* Your raising awareness for something that was never thought of before. Its a crazy challenge because you have to overcome that little fear before you dump the ice. It brings laughter to everyone, and its something to do with friends that isn't Facebook chatting. Now... the ice feels like being an eskimo who forgot their coat... so brace yourself babes!!
#4 Food Fight
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Yes. Its as fun as it is in the movies!
*Supplies* -any food of your choice

*Instructions* THROW FOOD

*Why its fun* Are you seriously asking me this question? You freaking get to throw food!!

#5 Go Outside
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
2 years ago

*Supplies* -People
-A backyard, or park, or anywhere with mother nature

*Instructions* Hide the smart phones! Get outside!

*Why its fun* God created the earth for us to experience it! Get away from the shallow existence of droning on an electric square! Be a human and LIVE!

#6 Goofy Selfies
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Our life right here babes.

*Supplies* -Camera

*Instructions* Make the weirdest face possible and snap the picture!

*Why its fun* They make for inventive hashtags on social media. #FunkyTongue And its a great keepsake. Though, maybe don't show the picture to your crush

#7 M.A.S.H
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
*Supplies* -Paper
-2 or more people

*Instructions* Ummm, I'm going to give y'all a link.

*Why its fun* Its kind of a 'tell the future game' its great for rainy days or when you cannot think of anything else to do. On the 'husband' section you can put your friends crush and a person they despise. Both turn out hilarious. One time my vehicle was a pig, my husband was someone who disgusts me, I had 20 kids, 2 pet fish, and I lived in "The Ghetto"!
#8 Bake And Cook
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
*Supplies* -Kitchen

*Instructions* Get a recipe, and cook!

*Why its fun* Ever heard the saying, "The pathway to a man's heart is his stomach"? Yeah, same goes for teenage girls...

#9 Take A 'Flash-Back' Picture
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
This is the worst picture EVER, but its all I have.
*Supplies*  -Camera
-Throw back picture
...Uh DUH

*Instructions* Find an old picture. Take a new one

*Why its fun* Its always fun to see change. Admire how great you skin is compared to middle school, and gawk at the brace-face you once were. Oh, the good ol' days!
#10 Paint War
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover (continued)|Pimples&Freckles Blog
This was amazing. Bucket List Check!
*Supplies* -Paint (In squirt bottles, bowls, or water guns)
-Old clothes
-2 or more people
-Permission from whoever owns the house (I'm serious guys! Unless you want a major chew out...)

*Instructions* You gotta kinda feel it out. I did mine as a surprise so I called her and told her to come outside. Then we she opened the back door I threw it in her face.

*Why its fun* For real? For real? You're gonna ask this question again? You get to throw freaking paint, people! That's why its fun.

Hannah turned 15 on August 20. For her birthday present, I planned a paint fight. She had actually mentioned wanting to do one. So, I got her mom's permission and then surprised her and her friend (Sabrina).  I should get an 'Most Fantastic Bestie' award for my evolutionary level of fantasticness.
I love you Hannah Banana, sweet girl. You're one of the most beautiful oddities that this universe has to offer! ;p

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summertime Adventures

Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Ummm... why does Hannah look so hot?
So, August 4th we went camping!!!! We went for my dad's birthday. We did this way awesomsauce thing called wake-boarding; its wicked cool! It was Hannah's first time, and she got up!! (I'll post a picture) We cooked hot dogs, I played guitar, we rode on a boat almost the entire time, saw dear, swam all the way out to the first buoy and then back, we tried (and failed) to feed some deer, we bravely took showers in the spider filled bathroom, and we attempted (but failed...) to swim 20 ft down! It was an utter adventure!
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
This is us (Hope Left, Chloe Middle, Hannah Right) after we daringly swam all the way to a buoy!
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
This is the buoy. It was farther away than it looks.
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Hannah (towel) and I (blue blanket) hiding from the vicious sun.
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Hannah Wake-boarding!! Check her out in all her fantasticness!!
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Chillin' in da boat! Lol Hannah's dad looks uber macho.
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
That's right, y'all... I have two weiners.
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Playing 'Happy Birthday' (it sounded awful because I learned the song in 5 minutes) for my Daddy.
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Hannah's sisters are on both sides of mine.
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
Yes... My little sister gives me piggy back rides... (Technically she's bigger than I am, but its mostly because I really like piggy back rides)
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog
An honorary picture of my father for his 31'st birthday.
We also hung out earlier that week.
So, the other night (before we went camping) there was a city fair. We went to a Tex-Mex resturant together, along with half my family. We watched a parade, gazed at the fireworks, saw a man get arrested for absolutely no reason, went to an antique store where we made hundreds of inside jokes, french braided hair, and... (this is the best part)... took fantastic photographs by a sagely beautiful porter potty!

So, Tanks Alot for reading!
Summertime Adventures|Pimples&Freckles Blog

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