Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover

#1 Blindfolded Makeovers
Blindfold Makeover- 10 fun things to do at a sleepover-
This was with some of our
other friends
BlindFold Makeover
The first time we did this

Blindfold Makeover
The last time we did this

Supplies: *A TON of makeup
*A blindfold
*A friend or two

Instructions: Blindfold your friend. Dump out all the makeup in front of her. Show her where your face is. Let her do your makeup! (Rule: She has to guess the makeup. Don't tell her what she picked up)

Why its fun: You get to see who is the better makeup artist! If your friend is blindfolded and she picks up the eyeliner and then starts to paint your eye, she's pretty good. But if she grabs the lipstick and thinks its a concealer stick, she might not be so good (and you won't look so great with lipstick on your zits)

#2 A People Pyramid
Supplies: *Five or more girls
10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover
Obviously, this takes a
sleepover with multiple girls 
Instructions: Have the biggest people on the bottom (We didn't have any big people so we just had volunteers) Then two more on the next level. Then the lightest standing at the tip. (We didn't have enough people... but same principal.)
People Pyramid. Slumber party activities
Really fun to do
Why its fun:  Its a test of trust and strength! Also the pictures are priceless  

#3 Photoshoot
Pose for sweet frame-able
Supplies: *Decent Camera
*Tripod (not necessary, but convenient)

Instructions: Pull out the camera. Set the exposure. Have Fun!
 Bestfriend Photoshoot
Pose for silly pictures too!
We were being Sherlock

Why its fun: You can capture moments! Hannah and I were posing pretty, and then the door behind us flew open, we got a great laughing shot!

#4 High-speed Video
Supplies: *iPhone or Android
*Free slo-pro app

Instructions: Place your iPhone in a spot where its on you. hit record and do any activity you want.

Note: This was about a year and a half ago. Hannah and I act, look, and paint much better/differently :)

Why its fun: Your voices go super high, and its really cool to see time speed up!

#5 Camp-Fire (and smores)

Supplies-Fire: *Wood
*Tender (pine needles, dry leaves, paper etc.)
*Lighter or matches
*Adult permission (Hi Mom!)
Supplies-Smores: *Roasting sticks
*Graham Crackers

Instructions-Fire: Place wood in a pyramid form. Put tender under the wood. Light fire.

Instructions-Smores: Break a graham cracker. Place piece of chocolate on cracker. Melt chocolate by fire (Just put it close to the flames). Roast mallow. Place marshmallow on chocolate and graham cracker. Put the other half of the graham cracker on top. EAT IT.

Why its fun: Warm and cozy fire in the outdoors, eating homemade junk food with your friends... Yes Please! 

#6 Hideous Fashion Show
Supplies: *A makeshift runway (It could be a hallway or just a carpet)
*Ugly clothes
*Some funky music
*A video camera 

(Video coming soon)

Instructions: Put on the music. Start the video. Dive into your(or your friend's) closet and walk down your pretend runway one at a time. You can strike a ridiculous pose or do a wonky dance move!

Why its fun: The goofy music often inspires some really goofy poses too. The weird clothing is hilarious. The video keeps the memory. We promise you will laugh!

#7 Board Or Card Games
10 fun things to do at a sleepover-
This is us in middle school playing Fibber
List of fun games: *Life
*Apples to Apples

Instructions: Those are on the back of the game...

Why its fun: We know... Board=Bored right? Nope! Some of these are really fun. Granted, Monopoly and Scrabble aren't everybody's taste, but you don't have to finish the game! I prefer Life instead of Monopoly because its much quicker, and I also get to name my children really quirky names. Games like this are fun and low-key.

#8 Truth or Truth
I don't have a picture of us playing this game...
So I got one off the internet

Supplies: *People

Instructions: Its like playing Truth or Dare, except its only truths. Sit in a circle. Ask a question to the person on your right- they have to answer completely truthfully. You get only ONE wimp out. The questions can be anything from, "Do you sing in the shower?" to, "What's the most personal thing you have ever told a guy?"

Why its fun: Its a great way to get to know people! And it works really well to pull shy people out of their shells, if they see other people being open and 'fessing up, then they will too.

#9 Fairy Dust

Supplies: *Glow Stick

Instructions: On the image.

Why its fun: We have not tried this, but we need too! It would be awesome for ghost stories or for night lights. Really genius idea!

#10 The People Table
Supplies: *4 people
 *4 chairs

Instructions are on the first Image
Why its fun: You get to be a table! Trust us, its very fun. You can even start stacking other people on top!