Thursday, March 12, 2015

Candid Photography and Updates

Hello Beautiful People!
So, we havent posted in what...forever?
Do you forgive us? Too bad.
Okay. So obviously Hannah and I have hung out multiple times since we last blogged. I'll keep this post short 'n sweet. Lots of pictures and some sassy comments.

We would ike to thank you all for 11,535 views!
So we look like we partied hard.
(In actuality we came from Hannah's 4 year old sister's gymnastics birthday...)
What happens when we try to be serious. (also, Hannah looks EXQUISITE)
We be trollin
Rocking out to indie bands with air guitars is pretty much our life.
 No idea whats happening in this picture...
We walked around town and ended up scaring an elderly woman.
Because her sister loves Ariel, and I don't have time to take out the devil eyes.
Because the umbrella felt like photobombing.
Its still cool to go to the park!-----Right?
To prove that even the most attractive beings can take bad pictures.

I'm pretty sure this is considered badassing. 
We went up to these people playing basketball and freaked them out.
When the finally left I showed Hannah up shooting hoops to get 
her back for beating me at tennis.
Wait... That's a fridge; Whoops
This photo sucked, so I had some fun with editing.
Why aren't we professional models?
A pillow fight happened.
Our version of doing pot............... (I'm eating a pepper and Hannah is holding pot)
Hannah being done taking photos.
Me being done writing this blog post.

All in all. Life has been decently amazing. Sophomore year is almost over! So thats psyching us out. We've done some adventurous things; Puddle jumping in the rain, ziplining in the backyard, ziplining in the rain, made videos (some of which will be posted), art museum-ing, art class, learning instruments (guitar- me. piano-Hannah), meeting people, pushing our weird level, tried racket ball (we both sucked and I accidentally called it rachet ball), we found a really good taco place and we don't even like Mexican food, watched scary R movies and didn't cry, played truth or dare to the point of emberrasment, etc. etc.
(ps. my hair has been dyed multiple times, in case you were confused)
Thank you Loves.
- H&H