Monday, June 9, 2014

Snapshot Of The Past Couple Weeks

Well Hello Our Dear Readers!
I (Hope) haven't posted in a while... Hannah and I have been BUSY. We haven't gone over to each other's houses in almost a month!!!!!!!! Of course, we have seen each other at Church and at various parties. Hannah is having the dilemma of finding a bathing suit. She has this problem EVERY SINGLE YEAR... she is very particular about the bathing suit she gets :p It must be modest but flattering, it must stay on but cannot be too thick, it must have boy shorts and will preferably cover her abdomen but cannot be a one-piece, it must be cute but not girly, it usually is blue, and it is always extremely difficult to find. For the five years I have known her, Hannah has always been very picky about her clothing. I refuse to go clothes shopping with her now because she spends the whole time deciding and never actually buying! LOL. It's cool though, she wouldn't be Hannah if she weren't difficult :p Of course, she has to put up with me as well. I talk, and I talk, and I talk, and talk some more. My words usually are interesting, thoughtful, or entertaining...but there are a lot of them. Any time I experience anything somewhat astounding or intriguing, I call my closest confidant, Hannah. I always say "Guess what?" and she usually guesses what I have to say before I say it. Even if there is no possible way in all the twinkles of the universe that she could have known. Now, to be a good friend, she sometimes pretends like she has no clue what I'm going to say so that I can throw it at her in breathless excitement. I believe I am not making much sense now...
Snapshot of the past couple weeks- Pimples&Freckles Blog
Us with one of our friends at Church

Pimples&Freckles Blog: Photography
Doesn't Hannah look STUNNING

Pimple&Freckles Blog: I Dyed My Hair RED
I dyed my hair RED

Good bye lovelies! W'ell post again soon! <3