Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finally after Forever

Well its been FOREVER since Hannah and I hung out. Finally we arranged a get together. Unfortunately we couldn't sleepover, but oh well. Hannah was wary about posting this picture since (and I quote) "Hope you look so fancy and look like-uggh- this." She had just finished working out when I came over, so actually she's the cooler one. Her mom and my mom were making these peppermint and chocolate cookies with essential oils for a Young Living Convention. I don't usually indulge in cookies, but those were yummy and healthy-ish. Doesn't Hannah have a lovely garden in her back yard?
I went to a beach party the next day. Hannah was supposed to go, but she went to "The Little Mermaid" broadway show instead.
However, I have some pictures of us at the beach last year. So, that explains the picture below.