Sunday, May 11, 2014

5 Things To Do With Friends Outside Of The House

5 fun things to do with friends outside of the house!

So, you want to do something other than the cliche watch a movie-talk about boys- prank call- stay up late sleepover, right? But what to do?
     Well, we have picked out five things that are a blast and... Drum Roll Please... not in the house!

#1 Rockclimbing
      Seriously, this is the bomb. You get to work out and see friends at the same time! Hannah and I always nick name the people there. One time, there was this kid who climbed the whole place sideways. We named him monkey boy. Genius, I know.
#2 Go to a sports game
     You can cheer at the wrong team and still have fun! Usually, there is cute dudes... But, my favorite thing about going to sports is the energy; its infective. The crazy screaming crowds really bring a vibe of fun
#3 An amusement park
     Funnel cake and crazy rides, its the perfect thing for facing your fears. Make it a truth or dare kinda thing. OR. You could even make a list of things to do.
     1) Hug a random person
     2) Pretend to puke when someone can see you
     3) Go a whole ride without screaming
     4) Win a prize
#4 Go to an ice cream shop
     Icecream makes people happy, its not expensive, and almost everybody likes it!
#5 Go to a vintage store
     Shopping at the mall is great, but shopping at places with unique items is even better. You can all find something cute and non-cliche!