Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pre-Easter Party

Egg Race- Fun activity for easter!
Egg racing! 
Yesterday, Hannah's family held an Easter party. We played a game where we threw real eggs at each other... You can imagine how well that turned out. We also spun on the swing, confetti egged people, egg hunted (yes...), egg raced, and just enjoyed the heck out of ourselves! I met one of Hannah's friends named Alyssa. Alyssa is twelve, but she is really sweet.
HK Photography
Alyssa left- Me(Hope) right
Oh! And, both Hannah and I got smashed in the face with cupcakes... Courtesy of my sister (Hi, Chloe!)
Hannah had a cupcake mustache!
That moment at a party when you get cupcake on your face
Hannah also tried to kill my sister
Evil Best Friend Smashing Confetti
Lets take a moment to notice how completely EVIL Hannah's expression is...
We confetti egged several other people too...

Confetti Egging! Great for an easter party. You can also hit the eggs with a bat. :)
I egged Hannah's
oblivious aunt Rachel
Confetti Egging
I also egged Alyssa
So yeah! Today we went to church together, then we just hung out at her house until dinner when my mom picked me up. Actually... We did a bunch of chores, watched 'My Little Pony' and 'Mean Girls', we made our first real dinner together (cooked cohesively), we played basket ball, talked, and sang. And that's a low-key day for us...