Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is Your Best Friend Worthy Of The Title?

Is Your Best Friend Worthy of the Title? Find out!

Almost every girl has a 'best friend'... but how do you know if it's a real friendship or just temporary. We have come up with some tell-tale points of whether your bestie is forever or not.
Questions to ask yourself.
#1 Does she(or he) blab your secrets?
I had a 'best friend' who would tell her family EVERYTHING I told her, even after she promised not to. I felt really uncomfortable talking to her. So if the answer to this question is 'yes', then maybe realized she's cool to hang out with, but not someone to confide in. So, she probably isn't a best friend. But, if you think she is doing it unintentionally, then just talk to her about it. If everything clears up, then you have your bestie back.
#2 Does she make time to spend with you?
Even if she's amazingly busy, she can still make a phone call or send a text (Trust me, I know). It takes two seconds to send, "Hey! How are you?" If you're the only one making an effort to hang out, then she probably doesn't care enough. I'm not saying that she needs to contact you every day, but if she sends you one-word replies, makes excuses not to hang out with you, or brushes you off for other people all the time- Then she isn't worthy of the title 'Best Friend'. Maybe try getting new friends. Two can play this game!
#3 Is she jealous?
Its normal and good for friends to admire you in some way or another, but if that admiration turns into jealousy...a sweet friendship can turn sour fast. Does she seem to be competing with you? For example, does she always compare her painting to yours in art class? Is she hesitant to give you credit? Does she get overly upset when do something special without her? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to take some precautions. Try to give her a lot of credit for the talents she has. Don't brag about your privileges or how sweet your boyfriend is. Try to encourage her self esteem. Also, maybe just outright tell her what's going on. Ask her for some 'truth time'. Tell her that you feel that you guys are competing to much, and that you don't want your friendship to corrupt. Chances are, she'll talk it out and y'all will be best buddies again! However, if its to the point where you feel uncomfortable telling her anything cool about your life, and she seems set on beating you, it might be time to call it quits.
#4 Is she a bully?
Is she constantly making jokes at your expense in front of people? Does she knock on your weight or your pimples? If so, she is probably insecure with herself. Sit down and tell her how you feel (hear her side too!). If she makes an effort to change, GREAT- that means she cares. But if she stays the same, ditch that chick.
#5 Does she love you the same amount that you love her?
I have always cared for my friends deeply. But, most of the time it wasn't as big a deal for them. If your out of town for the summer and she doesn't call even once... ouch! Does she call you her best friend, without you asking? Does she tell her other friends about you? Is she excited to see you? Has she told you that she loves you (In a non-weird way of course)? Does she hug you goodbye? Its important to have a bff who loves you just as much as you love her. Love is what makes relationships work. Its good to show your friend that your devoted to her. Its good for her to be devoted to you. After all, the term 'Best Friends Forever' didn't come from nowhere!

So... Did your bestie pass the test? Tell us in the comments!