Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Proper Introduction

Hello, our names are Hope and Hannah. I, Hope, am writing this post. Hannah, is right next to me, telling me that I'm writing cheesy sentences. :) We are both 14 years of age... and major goofballs. We decided to name the blog 'Pimples & Freckles' because we thought that it pretty much summed up the teenage life. Here is a picture of us. I'm the blonde one, and Hannah is the brunette kid. (PS Hannah hates her teeth in this photo...we look different now, since this picture was taken in October)
My Best friend 059
Most of the pictures on this blog are taken by Hannah. She is an amazing photographer. Most of the actual blog posts, will be written by me. Now, a couple of facts about us, just to get started. I will write the facts about Hannah, and she will write the facts about me.
Facts about Hannah-
*She eats pineapples REALLY weird
*She has green eyes with specks of amber (She calls them poop-colored)
*She loves chocolate
*She is great at sketching and photography
*She always grips my arm very tightly in scary movies
*She had a seizure when she was 8
*She loves her dogs
*She is the sweetest most loyal person I know
*She is STILL embarrassed to talk about her crush with me even though we have been best friends for 4 1/2 years
*She is super shy in public
*I have NEVER heard her say even one bad word

Facts about Hope-
* She is a writer and artist
* Has a huge vocabulary. When we first became friends I felt so dumb because she always used 'advanced' vocabulary. (she just corrected the way I typed this)
*She is Weirdly creative
* Has a loud laugh....she just laughed in my ear....
*She has laughing attacks when she is tired (this makes going to sleep before one o'clock hard at sleepovers)
*She likes salads and chocolate (I know, weird selections)
* She likes horses
* One time at the Renaissance Festival an elephant  tried to eat her hair ( I just sat and watched...its true)
*She complains about her teeth
* She has ballerina feet; she danced for several years

Allllllllllllrighty! Now you have gotten to know us, we would love to know you! Post comments please!